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Hummingbird Pendant

Hummingbirds are exquisite creatures: strong, vibrant, exotic and tiny...
An Indegenous legend of Central America tells a story about the hummingbird, that the people had lost faith in the Mother Earth and were deprived of rain and food for many years. The only creature who still thrived was the hummingbird. After observing the hummingbird, the people saw that he had maintained a connection to the earth through his own secret way, and this way was open to him only because he still had faith in the Mother Earth and Her Way. Seeing this, inspired the people to also have faith. And then the rains came... And they thrived again.

The Hummingbird is a Messenger.

The hummingbird is a bridge between worlds, connecting the light to those who need the light; bringing understanding between two sides
Because of this role and its essence that does not quite belong anywhere else, it has a special place of honor. Hummingbirds are sacred and ominous in most indegenous cultures of the New World

An original design in sterling silver and 4 carats of genuine peridot and sunstone

The pendant is in .925 sterling silver, created by a designer inspired by the Hummingbird and its enchanting form and color. The pendant design embodies light, color and dynamic movement. The lines are simple, taking the form of the hummingbird down to an essence that communicates instantly and from a distance, somehow communicating more profoundly the symbolism of the creature than a photographic replica.

The breast of the hummingbird is a glowing Sunstone that scintilates with hues of rich orange, peach and gold. The head of the hummingbird is a brilliant lime green oval cut peridot that dazzles with vibrant sparkle.

Your Hummingbird Pendant specially presented for Gift Giving

The sterling silver gemstone Hummingbird Pendant in encased in a beautiful handcarved wooden box, accompanied by a beautiful illustrated note card explaining the story and the significance of the Hummingbird Pendant.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you life will love this pendant, that we will refund your purchase price including shipping.

You will receive:

- The handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone Hummingbird pendant
- A beautifully illustrated card explaining the story of the Hummingbird Pendant
- A hand-carved wood jewelry box
- A 100% guarantee that you can’t go wrong

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